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Bale Fruit Tea Matum 1kg fresh fruity slight orange flavor
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Blood orange natural loose fruit tea
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Brazilian Winter Naturally loose fruit tea
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Mon Cher loose fruit tea
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Berry selection loose fruit tea
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Buy Tea loose

Tea online shop with many teas to choose from: Herbal Tea Loose, Black Tea Loose, Green Tea Loose, Chai Tea Loose, ...

Delicious teas from the most famous tea cultivation areas in the world. Choose your tea favorites from loose wellness tea, original Thai tea, Japanese green tea or Dajeeling tea loose and buy quality teas from the traditional brand Alveus for a reasonable price online. The tea brand Alveus guarantees outstanding loose teas, which can be easily ordered online in the practical fresh pack in the packaging units for 100 g of loose tea and 1 kg of loose tea in the savings pack.

The company Alveus has hundreds of quality teas from our own manufactory. Black tea loose can be ordered as cheap as green tea. Particularly popular are the chai tea, pure green teas and black tea blends according to the best recipes. Every tea harvest in the world holds its special flavors. Discover the tea flavor world. It is packed in every pack loose tea of ??our tea online shop Wanthai of the brand Alveus. The different types of tea provide for a great variety of tea. So why always buy jasmine tea? There are so many great teas to discover. Do you already know the "dragonfire tea", a loose Chinese green tea or the loose herbal tea "Pandanus" made of soft green pandanus leaves?

Tea is a constant companion who spoils us at any time of the day.
From the loose tea leaves and tea mixtures, a delicious cup of quality tea is prepared in no time, which not only quenches your thirst, but contributes to your overall well-being. That's why you should pay attention to your mood and health when choosing the type of tea. Special loose herbal teas, for example, support digestion. Other loose tea mixtures have a soothing effect. Losing Gunpowder tea, on the other hand, is an absolute watchmaker because of the high caffeine content. A cup of quality tea for breathing and recharging. The product descriptions in our Tee Online Shop help you to quickly buy the right loose tea. Here are some tips on how to enjoy tea:

Why should you buy loose wellness tea?
Loose tea for wellness is soothing and supports with a diet. As a wellness teas, loose teas and tea mixtures from lemon grass, loose matum tea from Thailand, fruit tea and herbal tea with relaxing herbs or women's tea are ideal. Thanks to the varied loose teas from Alveus, everyone can find their favorite tea. Properly prepared and appealing in the teaware made of ceramics, the soul of the tea drinker is quickly "persuaded" to relax. Wellness centers are offered in many wellness centers, massage and cosmetic studios, so that the customer can escape everyday life with an aromatic cup of tea.

Lose teas with stimulating effect buy
With the right type of tea, you can limit your coffee consumption, because the stimulating effect of green tea loose or black tea loosely stands for coffee in no way. Loose black tea, like the Darjeeling tea, is often drunk with milk and sugar and enjoyed instead of coffee. Not only the British appreciate high-quality teatime. Worldwide, green tea is loose and black tea is consumed loose in large quantities. Did you know that every second 2.500 cups of tea are drunk all over the world?

How is the right tea prepared?
With our 4 tips for tea preparation from loose tea you can enjoy the aroma to the fullest.

1. Very important: loose tea wants to move!
Use a teapot with a larger sieve insert to prepare a quality tea. This allows the loose tea leaves to move freely and to unfold their tea aromas optimally.

2. Use soft water for infusion of loose tea
Use only fresh tap water for tea-cooking and always brew the loose tea to preserve the tea aroma. Lime in tea-water binds bitter substances and impairs tea flavor and color. For a good Darjeeling to taste also Darjeeling tea, it is recommended to filter water from a lime content of 8 ° dH (about 14 g lime / 100 l water).

3. When brewing loose tea, tea water temperature decides
As a rule of thumb, the water should always be boiled. The loose black tea is then immediately brewed. For loose green tea, the water is allowed to cool to 70 to 80 ° C before infusion. The cooling process takes about 10 minutes. Then let the taste decide. Drawing time and dosage of loose tea depend on type of tea and individual taste. If you buy loose tea in our tea online shop, you will find a recommendation for the perfect preparation of the loose tea with every product description.

4. How do loose green tea or loose black tea stimulate?
Note: Loose herbal tea usually takes longer than a loose black tea or green tea. For black, green and caffeine-containing teas, the pull determines the effect of loose tea. If the tea takes up to 3 minutes, it has a stimulating effect, soothes a longer duration.

How do I keep loose tea, right?
Lots and naturally flavored tea should be stored in a cool and dry place to enjoy the wonderful aroma for a long time without restriction. Fill the loose green tea, black tea or herbal tea into a tea can, which can be sealed tightly and store the tea stock in a dry, cool room - not in the refrigerator. Alternatively, you can leave Alveus' loose tea in the fresh bag and close this air tight. The loose tea with natural aroma should be consumed within 10 weeks - so the perfect tea pleasure of the quality tea is always ensured.

Order our best loose teas, from Darjeeling Tea to China Tea to Chai and Wellness Tea, at a reasonable price in our tea shop, as well as helpful teaware and accessories for tea making. With free delivery from 35 Euro value. Our tea shop service promise: Whether green tea loose, black tea loose or herbal tea, every pot and every cup of tea of ??our loose tea will be a pleasure!