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Do you know the differences between a loose black tea from India, China or Ceylon? For black tea connoisseurs, we offer a wide selection of traditional and innovative black teas from around the world. Find out for yourself, what are the small subtle differences of black tea and order yourself different loose black tea varieties in the online shop for tea. At Wanthai Wellness and Living you can buy top quality tea for a reasonable price. All black teas, such as Assam, Blue Earl Gray and Darjeeling, are offered in bulk in 100g or 1kg packaging units. A tasting set consisting of five sorts of black tea of 40 grams each is also available in our "Black Tea" category. So you can easily and conveniently try a new black tea and if you like it you can buy the 1 kg saving pack Black Tea. All loose black teas are delivered in a fresh bag.

Black tea - an internationally popular drink

Loose Black Tea came to Europe only 200 years ago. But the black tea developed in no time to an international trend drink. Special loose black tea blends reflect the tastes of different regions and countries. So there is the typical British Five o 'clock black tea blend. The East Frisian black tea blend and also the Russian blend of different black tea varieties from China are characterized by their typical character. In addition, loosely flavoured varieties are another focus in the black tea scene. Dried orange pieces, rose petals, jasmine flowers and natural aromas such as the Caribbean Afternoon black tea with coffee-coconut flavour provide a lot of variety and let the black tea connoisseurs discover something new again and again.

How is Loose Black Tea made?

The typical black tea growing areas are China, India and Sri Lanka. In these countries, the leaves are picked from the tea bush all year round and processed into fine loose black teas. After picking, the loose leaves are withered for ten to twelve hours - dried to lose about 30% moisture. The rolling of the tea leaves is done with rollers to break the cell walls of the tea leaves and initiate the oxidation. The rolling process is usually repeated three times and takes about 30 minutes. Fermentation is an important production step for the loose black tea, since it continues the oxidation process. The quality and colour of the loose black tea are strongly influenced by the fermentation. The leaves are piled and moistened with water for several hours at 40 degrees Celsius. In fermentation, the colour of the leaves changes from green to dark red to brown, the typical colour for loose black tea. The last two steps to make loose black tea are drying for 20 minutes under hot air and sorting the black tea over the vibrating screen.

What is a loose black tea blend?

Some black tea varieties have the additive "Blend" or "Special Blend" in their name. This name stands for a loose black tea mixture. The basis for a black tea blend are the dried tea leaves. These are mixed with various dried flowers, plants and flavours. There are countless black tea blends: traditional blends like the Masala Chai, the East Frisians Blend or Earl Grey. New innovative loose black tea compositions with figs or mallow blossoms are continuously brought to market by experienced tea producers like Alveus. In the online tea shop, the black tea range is regularly expanded, so that customers can enjoy new taste impressions again and again.

Lots of black tea named after the growing area

The growing area, the climate and the soil conditions characterize the black tea very strongly. Tea connoisseurs appreciate black tea from Darjeeling, Assam or Ceylon, because of their distinctive taste properties.

Does loose black tea work differently than a cup of coffee?

The caffeine of black tea is dissolved more slowly in the body than in coffee. The tannins of the black tea bind the caffeine, so that it is absorbed by the body only in the intestine. Drinking black tea stimulates the central nervous system, mainly the cerebral cortex, thus promoting concentration.

How do I properly brew loose black tea?

Depending on the effect you want to achieve with the drinking of black tea, the preparation varies. For the stimulating effect, let the loose black tea draw for two to three minutes. For black tea connoisseurs, the three-minute black tea is a great alternative to a cup of coffee. With a long draw of about 5 minutes, the caffeine is bound, the stimulating effect of loose black tea is lost, however, bitter substances are released. Basically, loose black tea is poured over with boiling hot water (100 degrees Celsius). For black tea connoisseurs, the question arises with or without milk? Through the milk, the polyphenols - vascular protective properties of loose black tea - are lost. This is shown by a study by the Berlin Charité. Enjoying loose black tea without milk will positively affect your cardiovascular system. Therefore, you simply buy different loose black teas and bring variety into your tea enjoyment world through various black tea blends.

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