Buy Asian figures - Thai wooden figures in a wide selection

Thai wooden figures have a long tradition. Fascinating Asian figures and statues from Thai craftsmanship buy cheap in our Thai Onlineshop for Asian and high-quality Thai decorations. The typical Thai wooden figures are all handmade. In Thailand the wooden figures are made of mango wood, coconut wood or hardwood with great attention to detail. The elaborately decorated Asian figures are decorated with colorful stones, gold-colored patinated or painted. Browse the "Figures" section and discover your favorite statue from the diverse Thai wooden figures.

Handmade Asian wooden statues - traditional and modern

The carving of wooden figures has a long tradition in Thailand. The particular statues and figures have their own style with typical round shapes and are unique. No one of the Thai wooden figures is 100 percent different, because they are handmade products made in a small manufactory in Thailand. When purchasing the Thai wooden figurines, we attach great importance to sustainability. We buy Asian statues and figures exclusively from us personally known manufacturers.

Thai Holfiguren bring Thai flair and spirituality to your home

Handmade statues, sculptures and wooden figures from Thailand spread Asian mythology at your home or at your massage studio. There are different Thai wooden figures. One of the most famous sculptures is undoubtedly the Buddha figure, which stands for peace and reason. The elephant symbolizes strength, security, health and happiness. He is among the Asian figures to the lucky symbol. The Shing Lion (Shinga Lion) is the guardian of the temple and protects the home as a wooden figure. The sound frog is not only a decorative Asian jam, it is also a very popular toy and finally the elegant Thai wooden figure, the musician with various instruments to mention, which is very much used for decoration.

Asian figures are decorative and a great gift idea

Whether you want to bring a souvenir home with a Thai wooden figure, or the Asian figure to remind you of your home, all the crafts we offer will surely inspire you. The different musicians wooden figures with flute, guitar and drum can be decorated very harmoniously. The Thai Holzelefant is a great gift for wedding or birthday. When entering a new house, the Asian characters temple guardians or the figure Signa are an excellent gift idea. A Thai wooden figure can be decorated to almost every decor and gives the apartment an individual and personal touch.

Buy Asian figures and Asian statues - without any customs problems

You can of course bring Thai wooden figures directly from Thailand as a vacation accessory. However, apart from the transportation problem of the Asian figure in the suitcase, the customs are often a major obstacle. Artisan items made of wood, especially teak, are subject to some bureaucratic requirements. That is why the customs often demand a certificate from the Department of Fine Arts when exporting Thai wooden figures. You can buy Asian figures directly in Germany, in our online shop. We have already solved all customs questions and you will be able to purchase a high quality product, made in Thailand, which has been imported to Germany by an absolutely legal way with a Thai wooden figure from our online shop.

We supplement our assortment of Thai wooden figures regularly. So it is often times in our online shop for Asian pastikuschauen to buy particularly beautiful Asian figures.

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