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Many different sorts of rice in various amounts

In the shop of Wanthai Wellness & Living you can order Asian groceries easily and comfortably online and let them be delivered to your home. We take care of the annoying purchase and will organize everything for you, while you can enjoy your newly gained leisure time. In the category rice shipping you can find many different sorts of rice like jasmine rice, black rice, red rice, black glutinous rice, glutinous rice, multigrain rice, trio rice, rice berry and brown rice. So you can provide variety at your table and create different meals with rice together with your friends and family. Also the amounts are selectable. If you need just a bit rice, you can buy our small packages with just one kilogram or with 4,5 kilograms. If you otherwise have many mouths to stuff or even an Asian restaurant, our bigger packages with 20 kilograms and more are advantageous for you.

Asian pasta like rice sticks, instant noodle soup and Vermicelli

Someone who knows Asia also knows that rice is the staple food over there. But also special pasta belongs to the menu in Asian countries like Thailand. This one you can realize with a shopping tour in our online shop very easy, because here pasta like gluten free rice sticks, Tomoshiraga Somen noodles, diverse Vermicelli noodles and instant noodle soup in different sorts are waiting for being ordered and prepared deliciously. We wish a good appetite at eating the yummy Asian rice and noodle dishes.

High-quality palm sugar, coconut milk and spices for preparing delicious Asian meals

Beside rice and noodles you also find more groceries in the Wanthai web shop, which you need to create delicious Asian dishes. For example palm sugar for preparing sweet meals, desserts and drinks belongs to it. Also coconut milk belongs to the offer, which you can use outstandingly for delicious curry dishes, but also as addition for yummy desserts. With already prepared spice powder you can season your meals on the cooker easily and fastly. We hope you enjoy cooking Asian dishes!

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