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Relief wall art made of wood or natural stone

Thai wall paintings and reliefs of wood and stone with the most beautiful motifs

The original Thai Asian reliefs, wall paintings and stone tiles to embellish any living room or workroom. These Thai wall paintings are mainly made of well-dried teak, mango wood or limestone by hand in the north of Thailand. Only the best craftsmen master this old relief art to carve or model wall paintings in perfection. Only with a lot of practice and craftsmanship can original scenes from the Thai life in wood and stone be banished. The perfect stone or wood wall painting lives by an excellent motif, carved by living depth and symmetry in excellent relief quality. Religious motifs, flowers, tendrils, animal motifs and the Thai flora and fauna are represented in the traditional relief carving in wood and stone. However, also for modern wall pictures, such as "welcome" signs, the Reifkunsthandwerk is used in Thailand.

How do you recognize a good Thai wall painting of stone or wood?

The best Asian relief wall paintings have an excellent symmetry, they are made from a well-dried teak, mango wood or a natural stone. In addition, the Thai wall paintings have a beautiful luster and a consistently constant thickness or thickness.

Decorative Thai living accessories of wood and stone

The wooden wall paintings and steinkles from Thailand are all made in traditional handwork in Thailand. Internationally the relief mural paintings of Thailand are known and belong to the Thai handicraft. Of course, the relief wall paintings and tiles are deco articles. But the symbolism of the relief motifs, the traditional forms and colors also represent the spirit of Thailand and the religious affinity of the country. The handmade wooden and stone reliefs can be used as a Thai living accessory, to create a restaurant, to decorate the massage studio or to embellish your own four walls. Whether a small colorful Thai tile or a large three-sectioned wooden relief, each relief work has its peculiarity and charms with many attention to detail.

How are the wall paintings and reliefs of Wanthai shipped safely?

Each Thai wall painting is individually and safely packaged directly with the contract package service or a forwarding agency of Wanthai. All parcels are insured to a sufficient extent against damages during transport, so that a free replacement is guaranteed even in case of a break of the wooden wall picture or the relief decoration tile in case of a transport damage by the parcel service or the forwarding company. Small wall paintings, relief frames and relics, which can be shipped in the package, do not have to be expensively shipped with a forwarding agency. All larger Asian wooden wall paintings from Thailand are shipped on a pallet by forwarding agency.

How are Thai murals, wooden frames and reliefs suspended?

All reliefs and murals in stone and wood are suitable for immediate hanging. Some relief wall pictures and relief frames only require matching hooks and eyelets before hanging. These are available in every good assortment of a hardware store or hardware store immediately for a small price. Depending on the weight and size of the relief wall image, larger or smaller hooks and eyelets are required.

The eyelets are fixed in the wall picture before hanging. This measure is then transferred to the wall on which the decorative wall is to be hung. In most cases a hook is enough. Only for larger relief wall pictures two hooks are needed. For multi-part wall paintings, a suspension is required for each part. For a relief of wood with one or more prebored holes, no eyelets or hooks are required. These Thai wall decorations can easily be attached to the wall with one or two sufficiently strong nails. Due to the many details of the traditional Thai wall paintings, the nails are often not so easy to recognize with the naked eye.

Where can I buy original Thai relief wall paintings made of wood and stone?

At Wanthai Wellness & Wohnen you get a good selection of original stone and wooden reliefs as wall decoration. Order here in the Webshop of Wanthai Your picture for the fast shipping of the Thai handicraft made of stone or wood is provided after payment.

Bring your walls to flower with this ancient Asian craftsmanship art of relief carving.

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