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Thai triangle cushion - buy Kapok Thai pillows online cheap

The original triangular pillows from Thailand, filled with kapok are not only suitable for meditation and relaxation. Even as a seat cushion, pad, pillow or yoga to sleep are the kapok pillow in triangular shape very easily. In Thai Online Shop offers a wide selection of Thai cushions, triangle cushions in different shapes and colors. Depending on requirements and application, you can choose the Kapok Thai pillows with 3 supports (combined with kapok mat) or as a single pad triangle. Even very small triangle cushion as a shelf for the Smartphone we carry in Thai Online Shop. Browse through the selection and discover the diversity of the Thai triangle cushion of kapok.

What is a Thai pillows - Triangle Cushion Kapok used?

The pad triangle of Thailand provides the back while sitting a soothing to lean. Depending on the height of the triangle seat cushion of the seat is supported by the wedge pillow or completely relieved. In Asia, the kapok pillow triangle is widespread. When eating in the bar or relax on the beach, the kapok pillow Thai triangle cushion is used flexibly to sit comfortably. But even in the office or while driving the triangle seat cushion can increase the seating comfort and serve as a neck support. People with back problems may take a more comfortable position and simply relieve the back through the pad with the key using the triangular cushion. Kapok triangle cushion can be used in many ways. On the beach and in the garden one is comfortable and protected from cold and moisture on a Thai triangle pillow. In the apartment can be the Kapok triangle pillow each fold or close as needed and provides a convenient support, seat or bed, or neck support. Who likes to do yoga, the triangle pad may as needed with other Thai cushions combine to meditate.

Triangle pillow to share among the everyday furniture in Thailand

In Thailand you see the kapok pillow Thai triangle pillow everywhere. For most Asians and Asian fan of this Thai home accessory is an indispensable part of everyday life. Not only as a seat cushion, the Thai triangle cushion is very convenient. The pad Thai with 3 supports is also ideal as a sleeping pad or Yogakissen. In the Thai cushion with 3 supports is a combination of Thai mat and triangular cushions. Collapsed provides the cushion triangle comfortable backrest and headrest. is expanded a number of times from the backrest a comfortable seat and completely unfolded a very comfortable lying area with a length of 160 cm and a triangular head restraint / headrest. It is worthwhile to discover for Europeans the benefits of Original Kapok triangle cushion from Thailand.

Kapok Thai pillows - triangle cushion, suitable for allergy sufferers

Thai triangle cushions have a special filling which consists of Kapok. Kapok are the plants down, the growing in the tropics kapok tree with a high percentage of lignin - a natural wood molecule which acts a heat compensating. The individual plant fibers of the kapok are coated with a natural wax layer thin, which protects the kapok from moisture. Therefore, a solid triangle kapok pillow can not soak up moisture. The air pockets in the Kapok fiber is preserved even when the surface of the Thai triangle cushion - about by night sweats - with moisture comes into contact. In addition, kapok, the insulating effect of a barrier to heat or cold and is ideal as a support. The kapok filling is shunned by mites, which makes them suitable for allergy sufferers, the Thai triangle cushion.

Robust triangle cushion, handmade in Thailand

The Kapok fibers are very dimensionally stable and thanks to the perfect filling, which is carried out in Thailand by hand labor, comfort and resistance. Even the fabric of Thai triangle cushion meets the requirements of stability and strength, even as Yogakissen. Although the printed cotton fabric with Asian patterns visually looks very fine, it is very robust. Careful seam of Kapok triangle pillows from Thailand is another quality feature to which attention should be paid when buying a Thai triangle cushion. All offered in Thai Shop Thai triangle cushions and Thai cushion with 3 supports meet these requirements and are characterized by exceptional durability. Filling and respect the Thai triangle cushions are very resistant to contamination or wear and tear, as well as for all other Thai pillows, cushions and pads.