Hygiene articles

Hygiene products: healthy cleanliness for professional use

Hygiene articles are not only needed in the private sector. There are also some products that are indispensable for massages and other service areas with direct body contact as well as in sanitary facilities. We offer these practical articles at reasonable prices.

Indispensable hygiene articles for everyday life

Pulp in the form of kitchen roll, toilet paper and cosmetic tissues is used by almost everyone every day. Whether it is personal hygiene, removing make-up, wiping up stains or cleaning heavily soiled surfaces, cellulose is a simple and useful aid for numerous tasks.

This is not only true for private use. Even public institutions cannot do without hygiene products of this kind. Since they are consumed in large quantities, both quality and price should be considered. Because overpriced variants can put a heavy strain on the budget due to the high demand. Therefore we offer a sensible selection that is suitable for use in private and public areas and at the same time is easy on the wallet.

Hair nets, towels and underpants for hygiene in the wellness area

Whether spa, massage salon or physiotherapy - when there is direct physical contact or when couches and other objects are used by several people, great importance must be attached to hygiene. Disposable fleece cloths, hair nets, couch pads and even disposable underpants for massages are available from us. This enables high standards of cleanliness to be maintained, which is extremely important in the case of frequent customer contact.

The subsequent simple disposal facilitates the application and saves effort. In addition, it often proves to be much more hygienic than washing and reusing textile underlays.

Buy hygiene products such as toilet paper, underlays for massage tables, disposable underpants for massages at Wanthai at a reasonable price. Fast delivery by Wanthai from Germany.

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