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While the customer keeps on clothes during the Thai massage, or a massage as normal neck massage, foot reflexology and body massage, this can be stored with a full body massage to underwear. For this also lends itself to our light cotton clothes. Not only the masseur, the Thai Fisherman Pants and Thai massage wear clothing, but also the customer. However, clean and high quality massage work clothing especially for the massage of the utmost importance. Maybe even embroidered with its own logo, our Thai Fisherman Pants, Thai Fisherman pants and massage apparel through thoughtful design and refined workmanship. With a corporate identity you give employees a good feeling and company clothing is considered by customers as a quality characteristic. The professional massage clothing so affects not only the employees but also to the customers. The employees are better motivated and identify more with the company.

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A yoga pants should sit comfortably and still guarantee freedom of movement. Called Our yoga pants, and Fisherman Pants pants have a wide waistband with double stitched and made of a durable material. Please contact our traditional yoga pants from the crowd in the sporting goods manufacturer from and buy a cheap yoga pants in vibrant design. The fabric supports any moisture transport and offers a very comfortable fit. Not without reason is still dispensed in the Asian countries on a modern athletic yoga pants. In many cases, you will find our yoga pants even when your trainer. The reason is the much better movement in our yoga pants for men and women. We also recommend our yoga mat with a natural kapok filling.

Thai Fisherman Pants - Thai Fisherman Pants

Under a Thai fisherman pants, which is commonly known as Thai Fisherman Pants or Aladin Pants, Wrap pants, harem pants, yoga pants or pants Thai Fisherman meant a comfortable wrap pants. These yoga pants offer great freedom of movement and is mainly used for yoga, spa, beach and meditation. Also used by women of the Thai Fisherman Pants primarily as maternity trousers if you are pregnant. A Thai fisherman pants you can buy in our online shop. By winding technology is a Thai Fisherman Pants freely adjustable at the waist and length.

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Massage and Massage Pants T-shirts for the traditional Thai massage have a comfortable and offer a greater range of motion than conventional shirts and pants, such as regular pants. Jeans are completely unsuitable for traditional Thai massage. Since they have hard and very solid stitching, and not give in close frets and the movement of the body during the massage, they are more likely to cause pain than diminish. Therefore, flexible, pliable material made of skin-friendly materials needed for convenient and good classical and traditional massage.

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The materials used to achieve the highest quality. Used cotton or polyester. The fabrics are from yarns that have been carefully dyed and spun ecologically and offer a comfortable fit. The colors are retained even after many washes. Pants and t-shirts are made of polyester easy to clean and iron. In the selection of materials used we pay attention to non-iron materials to help you frequent cleaning of your massage wear. This will save you a lot of time in addition to also save money and protect the environment. Our massage clothing can be washed at 30 degrees inexpensive.

Own production of massage clothing

Wanthai spa is top quality and friendly working conditions safe in our own production facility in Thailand. We pay particular attention to adequate remuneration of seamstresses. So you can buy cheap and good conscience at Wanthai. For all our Fisherman Pants are produced by ourselves.

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The Massage T-shirts for the professional massage in uniform design, massage pants for the perfect legroom, Fishermans Pants Pants in authentic Thai style and trousers from our own, socially equitable production came originally from Thailand, the land of Thai massage. Here in the shop you can taste the typical Thai massage pants and shirts Thailand buy cheap. Our yoga pants, fisherman pants, massage shirts and Thailand T-Shirts are made exclusively directly in Thailand. Let the exceptional quality of our massage pants and shirts as well as traditional Thai convince tops and order here directly from the online store of Wanthai.

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