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Typical Thailand lamps, Asian lamps & lanterns

Thai lamps and Thai lighting cheap online

Thai lamps provide only for a harmonious lighting. The various light sources of Thailand lamps, such as light chains, Asian lamps, candlesticks or lanterns enchant the room or the garden. Every Thailand lamp is an original product, made in Thailand, that was manufactured to the highest quality criteria. Let yourself be inspired by the various Thai lamps and make your home, your garden, your massage studio or your office more comfortable with a decorative Asian lamp. In our online shop for wellness and living you have a wide selection of Thai lighting and can order them easily online.

Thailand Lamp for various applications

The beautiful Thai garden lanterns can be used both indoors and outdoors. The Thailand lamps are made of wood or metal with glass insert and very decorative. From traditional Thai, to simple and playful - you have the choice. Depending on the use area, the Thai lighting needs to be selected wisely. Is the place where the Asian lamp should stand, or not. Is there a lot of wind or drafts to be expected and is there a fear that the dog or cat will knock the Thai lamp? If these questions are clarified, you will quickly find the right lighting for your purposes. A string of lights represents an effective alternative to the traditional Thailand lamp or lantern.

Advantages of a Thailand lamp with glass protection

Some Thailand lamps are equipped with a glass plate or a glass cylinder, so that the open fire of the candle can also be burned unattended. The candle is also protected from the wind by the glass protection. In an Asian lamp with a glass insert, it is also not a big problem to forget the erasing of the candle. The candle simply burns off and then goes off by itself.

Thailand light chains are not just a very popular lighting for Christmas

Stylishly decorated, a Thai lighting chain can illuminate every room. A light chain replaces, of course, no lamp but sets accents in the room or even in the garden. The small lights of the fairy lights can look very romantic, until fashionable modern. It depends on the combination and arrangement of the lighting chain, which ambience is created by the light decoration. In the garden, for example, a light chain loosely wrapped around a tree all year round as an optical point of view and indirect lighting at the same time. In the nursery, a light string can replace a night light and, of course, to the Christmas lighting the Thailand light chain creates the ideal mood.

Thailand lamp - Candle holder for candles and scented candles

A tea light or a scent candle gives the room a special atmosphere. With a small lamp, which serves as a candle holder, romantic atmosphere is created in the room. These small Asian lamps are decorated in various styles of wood or metal with glass and pearls or very simply designed. Whether you want to make the sensory room sensual, want to relax with a pleasant lighting and the aroma of a candle, or to decorate the dining table with the Thai lamp, there is certainly the perfect Thai lamp for your purposes. Our range of high-quality Thailand lamps, candle holders, Thailand lanterns and Thai string lights are extended regularly. Take a look from time to time at our Thai online shop and discover the latest lighting trends directly from Thailand.