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Order Asia rice at Wanthai. Fast shipping with best quality.


You like rice and you place great value to good quality?

Then Wanthai Wellness and Living is the right place for you. We offer rice products of high quality from thailand. With our service of rice shipping you get your favored product delivered comfortably. You won`t have to tow it any more. Lean back. We will do the work for you.

Which rice is being offered at Wanthai?

We offer different sorts of rice. There is the popular, fragrant and slightly adhesive Jasminrice. Don´t mix it up with the traditional sticky rice. This one we also have in our range. For those who like the extra helping vitamins, we have got our thai red rice, black rice, brown rice oder some multicorn sorts of rice.If you take the Jasminrice, the red one ore the sticky rice – all oft hem have their unique taste. With this tasty products we take diversity directly to your home. See for yourself and order your rice easily in our onlineshop.

Where does the Wanthai rice come from?

Our sorts of rice are selected for you carefully. In asian countries like thailand rice is an inherent part of a meal. Therefore it is produced with passion and lifeblood. Our products come from the fertile plains in the northeast of the country. Because of the rainy climate rice can be produced successfully over there. In this way food of high quality arises.

How is thai rice grown?

The cultivation of rice starts traditionally in may. Rice grains are placed in water for some days to swell up. This grains are planted into warm earth. After some weeks young plants arise from them. Meanwhile the farmers prepare their fields. They plow the earth and put it underwater. For the cultivation of rice you need a waterlever about ten centimeters. The farmers now have to pay attention, because vermin like snails eat the plants. To five moths later fresh rice is ready. The farmers draw off the water of the fields and pick the grain by hand and scythe. Before it gets on the table it is dried and peeled off in rice mills.

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