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Cookware, dishes and cups from Thailand

In Thai cuisine especially the influences from Indonesia, China and India are integrated. Nevertheless in Thailand own Thai food preparation has arrived. And above all the exotic ingredients to make the dishes at an aromatic taste experience. Very well known are the Thai curries with green and red curry, the Tom Kha Gai soup, lemongrass soup, chicken coconut curry, the spicy Thai duck soup and of course Thai prawn curry or chicken curry. For all these dishes, we offer the matching tableware and accessories from Thailand. These include Thai sauces and seasonings holder racks made of coconut wood in a complete set, decorative Thai dishes, such as cups, wooden bowls and plates.

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However, our Thai cooking accessories are not only for the Asian and Thai cuisine. So the Menage sauces holder is also very often ordered from coconut wood of restaurants. Because this sauce shelf usually costs considerably more, but can be imported conveniently from Thailand of wanthai. Our Thai Cooking Accessories presents the food beautifully blends and can help you to facilitate your kitchen everyday something and enrich. The quality of the dishes and sauces holder is of very high quality. While often very inexpensive Thai cooking accessories offered are of poor quality, we pay from wanthai on cheap shells in exclusively high quality. For this reason, you will find in our "Kitchen and cooking" only kitchen accessories which meet our quality requirements.

Thai cooking equipment for fruit and vegetables

Whether you serve a vegetable salad or dessert a fruit salad. With our numerous dishes for fruits, vegetables, soups and sauces you have the right helper for your presentation of the food. To what extent you opt for a Thai dish made of aluminum, or a shell of wood or coconut wood is left to your personal taste. In Thai cuisine but many more dishes are optically uncovered very appealing in bowls.

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With a huge selection of wooden bowls, cups made of bamboo and shells made of coconut wood, we can certainly enrich your Thai cuisine. In Chef, you will find a wide selection of Thai recipes. The best recipes with the highest rating for Thai dishes include Thai Curry Red, Tom Kha Kai chicken soup, pork curry with rice or Thai beef salad. All these dishes can indeed serve in a porcelain bowl. Above all, if you have guests that Thai dishes seem much higher quality and more professional. If you put the sauces holder made from coconut wood on the table, serve the rice and curry in a Thai aluminum shell or coconut wood bowl and later serve dessert on a Thai patera or a coconut wood bowl, guests will appreciate the food much more. Because the eye is with. We also have many more coconut wood products such as cutlery, spoons and chopsticks. This cooking accessories, you can refine your Thai dishes and evaluate them visually. Design your kitchen with original Thai cooking accessories and kitchen accessories in typical style. Wooden bowls are simply much more comfortable, more beautiful and decorative. Buy your wooden bowls in our Thai Online Shop and get a high quality at a reasonable price. Since we are even several times a year in Thailand, we can often even monitor the production conditions. Buy any wooden bowl or coconut wood bowl with pollutants or of low quality. What we stand with our name. Wanthai - the Thai online store for kitchen utensils and dishes.

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