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Thai ceramic dishes, such as ceramic cups and ceramic teapots in traditional design, can be found in a large selection in our online shop for Thai wellness and living. Ceramic tableware is available in Thailand. Ceramic tableware, finer ceramics, such as porcelain in Thailand are manufactured in various designs. We have selected especially beautiful ceramic teacups, coffee cups and Thai ceramic crockery for you. Make yourself a picture of the extensive range of Thai ceramics at an affordable price.

Pottery from Thailand is based on an ancient tradition

Thai ceramic tableware has been produced in Thailand for 700 years. The design of ceramic from Thailand is influenced by different styles from Thailand and China over several epochs. Very well-known designs of the original Thai ceramic dishes are: Celadon goods (also: Siladon), Chinese blue and white dishes and the colored Benjarong dishes. Today, ceramic from Thailand is produced in a wide range of contemporary patterns and shapes. The Thai ceramics such as ceramic cups or ceramic teapots still reflect the traditional art form. Whether traditional or trendy, ceramic from Thailand is offered in many variants. Discover the beauty of the pottery from Thailand. Mugs Sets with plates and jugs, design cups, sake sets with wooden tray, funny children's cups or glazed teacups with base are just a few examples from the comprehensive range of Thai ceramic dishes.

How is ceramic produced from Thailand, ceramic tableware?

Basis for the ceramic teapots, cups and bowls are mostly the material Siladeon or Promkihri. The production process of Thai ceramic dishes from Promkhiri ceramics is a special traditional technique from Thailand. The cups, coffee cups and teapots are fired at high temperature for 20 days. Promkhiri ceramic dishes are particularly robust due to the long burning time. The handmade ceramic cups, plates, cups and teapots are decorated differently. Thus, teapot sets are painted colorful with roses and flowers or design cup painted with fine bamboo pattern. Other refining techniques that are used for Thai ceramic dishes are printed or printed, as for example in the funny children's sheep with sheep motif.

Is Thai ceramic dishes also dishwasher safe?

The ceramic products from Thailand, such as teacups made of ceramics or teapots made of ceramics, are ideally suited for everyday use and are absolutely dishwasher safe. No matter which decor and shape you choose, you have a long, long-lasting pleasure with your Thai ceramic dishes.

Is the Thai ceramic tableware well packaged for transport?

Due to our many years of experience in shipping Thai ceramic tableware, you can rest assured that we pack every design cup, every bowl of the sake set and every ceramic pot carefully and professionally. Your order for ceramics from Thailand will surely come with you.

Ceramics from Thailand - Thai ceramic dishes and much more

In addition to typical Thai ceramic dishes, we also offer beautiful vases from ceramics, bowls, aroma lamps and many other ceramic products, original from Thailand, in our online shop under the heading "living". Make your selection from the pottery from Thailand and prepare your Thai tea in a Thai ceramic teapot in the future and enjoy sip for a sip from a pretty Thai ceramic teacup.

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