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Twin Lotus Toothpaste & Toothbrushes from Thailand

Twin Lotus toothpaste, an original quality product from Thailand, which should not be missing in any Thai household. All tooth lotions from Twin Lotus are made from genuine herbs, without fluoride. Because of the anti-inflammatory effect, the natural ingredients and the freshness effect, Twin Lotus toothpastes are extremely popular in Thailand. In Germany too, the popularity of the Twin Lotus Dental Care products continues to grow. Depending on your taste, Twin Lotus offers various herbal tooth creams and special toothbrushes. In the Thai online shop we offer the most popular Thai herbal toothbrushes and toothbrushes from Twin Lotus.

Toothpaste of herbs - Twin Lotus quality products

Twin Lotus produces natural, herbal-based toothpaste and has been one of the most popular toothpastes in Thailand for more than three years. In the traditional herbal toothpaste formulation, no fluoride is included. It is based purely on natural ingredients. Ten different natural herbs act in the Twin Lotus toothpaste antibacterially, protect and strengthen teeth and gums. Twin Lotus Toothpaste 10 Herbs without fluoride, Twin Lotus Toothpaste 10 Herbs and Menthol, Twin Lotus Toothpaste 10 Herbs and Salt, Twin Lotus ACTIVE CHARCOAL Toothpaste and Twin Lotus Toothpaste ORIGINAL PREMIUM are the names of the popular toothpast from Thailand.

Why is the Twin Lotus toothpaste from Thailand black?

The natural ingredients of the herbal toothpaste, the herbal extracts are responsible for the black color of the toothpaste. Do not worry, the black toothpaste does not discolor the teeth. On the contrary, the toothpaste without fluoride contains "cleaning bodies", which should remove unsightly dental plaques from smoking, tea and coffee drinks in the long term.

Long fresh breath through Twin Lotus toothpaste without fluoride from Thailand

The fresh eucalyptus fragrance surprises when the toothpaste tube is opened. During toothbrushing with the Twin Lotus paste, a refreshing taste spreads in the oral cavity and throat. The eucalyptus flavor of the Twin Lotus toothpaste is always dominant among other herbs. A long-lasting fresh breath is guaranteed with the Twin Lotus toothpaste.

Why use a toothpaste without fluoride?

Dentistry is divided on whether fluoride-containing tooth creams are actually necessary to ensure successful caries prophylaxis. The systemic effect of fluoride is still unclear. It is possible that the fluoride acts on the molecular level organically damaging, that fluoride can affect the cognitive development of heradmines, good reasons to avoid toothpaste without fluoride, like the Twin Lotus. According to dermatologists, successful caries prophylaxis is the combination of efficient and gentle cleansing, neutralization of pH, the use of antibacterial drugs and remineralisation. To this end, toothpastes without fluoride can also be used with purely natural ingredients, such as the various tooth lotions from Twin Lotus.

What is special about Twin Lotus toothbrushes?

For delicate gums, the Twin Lotus toothbrushes are very beneficial. The special alignment of the soft toothbrush bristles and the side massage brushes make daily oral hygiene a cure for gums and teeth. The Twin Lotus toothbrushes are available in the Thai online shop for Wellness & Living in single pack or in a cheap combination pack with the Twin Lotus toothpaste menthol. Since 2006, Wanthai has been buying the Twin Lotus toothpaste directly from the manufacturer in Thailand. This ensures that the top quality products from Twin Lotus can also be sold at a reasonable price in Germany.

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