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Farmona natural shampoo 330ml different sorts
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Twin Lotus Kaffir Lime Conditioner 200ml
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Nimporn Olive Hair Conditioner 400ml
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Twin Lotus Kaffir Lime Herbal Shampoo 200ml
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Nimporn Kaffir Lime Bergamot Mild Shampoo 400ml
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Hair Care

High quality and natural hair care products

Natural shampoo and conditioner with natural ingredients

Not only your skin wishes an appropriate care, but also your hair needs fitting care products for its respective structure.  In our web shop you find outstanding hair care products like shampoo and conditioner on natural herbal basis. According to their respective composition, those ones are suitable for different types of hair.
Weather for damaged hair, for bleached and blond hair, for scull hair, for dull hair or for oily and floppy hair: in the web shop of Wanthai Wellness & Living everybody finds a fitting haircare product for his or her hair and scalp.

The natural strength of camomile, horsetail, nettle, hops and birch tar for scalp and hair

We appreciate natural, high quality care products, because we belief in the strength of nature. Additionally there are no chemical and harmful pollutants in natural care products. You can use them regularly unconsidered. Learn more about the various skills of nature and try our natural shampoos. Camomile gives depth and powerful reflections, especially for blond and light hair. Additionally it soothes the scalp. Whereas nettle regenerates especially oily and feeble hair while horsetail strengthened damaged hair and stimulates growth. With hops you can give dull and powerless hair more volume. You supper from dandruff? Even for that Wanthai has got a natural helper in range. The birch tar regulates dermal decretions and frees the scalp from the annoying dandruff. Try it yourself. You will be excited.

Intensive care and regeneration with conditioner from natural active agents

Your hair requires an intensive care, which a normal shampoo cannot bring alone? Particularly colouring and sounding the hair, but also the daily use of a hairdryer, a straighteners or a curler strains the hair, but also the scalp. Broken, dull, powerless hair, which tends to fall out is the result. Than you need good advice. Our conditioner for strengthening and regeneration is an outstanding helper in such cases. Sprayed on approach and massaged into the scalp it helps the hair with its natural active substances like horsetail to get vital, smooth and supple again.

The quality thought of Wanthai Wellness & Living

For us quality is more important than quantity. Constantly we look for great new products, that make our hair shine, but do not harm at the same time. Are there new haircare products, which meet our requirements they will find the way into our range. We are happy to offer a greater collection to you in our webshop gradually. So come along off and on. It will be worth doing.