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Sound frog, wood, medium
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Thai sound frog - wooden carving of frog medium

This Thai sound frog from wood is a decoration piece from the north of Thailand. If stroked with a wooden staff on the back, the typical noise of Thai frogs arises. The wooden Thai sound frog is about 17 cm long, 10 cm wide and 11 cm high. In Thailand such frogs are used as decorative items and displayed either in the house or in the garden.

The sound Frog's are named wood carving of frog in Thailand. Because of the different teeth on the back of the frog the tones vary. Because the original Thai sound frog is hollow inside, the sound is produced slowly and suddenly ends on the ridges end. In the middle of the wooden sound frog you see a cavity into which the wooden rod is inserted. The frog can be used in many ways. For example in England, where it is called "wodden croaking frog", they also use it as cymbal.

In Thailand there are different sound animals. Most common are the sound frog and the owl, the elephant, the dolphin and the cricket.Taken together, the various animals give different sounds, which are often used in schools as an animal orchestra. But especially in kindergartens they use the sound animals for the education of the little ones.

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