with additional flowers

Herbal balls for the whole body with additional floral scent

Herbal stamps with flowers additive and stunning original Thai floral fragrance for your herbal stamp massage!

The delicate and harmonious scents of Thai flowers exude their soothing aroma during the stamp massage. As an additive in herbal pouches the Thai flowers develop its scent during the massage application. They support relaxing at the massage by the pleasing aroma. These Thai herbal compresses with flowers are produced from herbs in own cultivation. After traditional recipes of the Thai ancestors the special herbal mixtures are compiled and still produced reliable. For the special herbal stamps with blossoms the known and traditional blend of herbs is used. Additionally wonderfully fragrant Thai flowers and blossoms are processed in these herbal stamps. The herbal stamp with flowers addition we buy, like all other wanthai herbal products, since 2006 directly from the manufacturer in Thailand. This is a guarantee for top quality. The herbal stamp with flowers are a 100 percent natural product from Thailand.

How do the blossoms in the herbal stamps unfold their impact at the stamp massage?

For heating the herbal stamps with additional blossoms you need a herbal stamps heating appliance. This can be a very well-equipped device for heating the herb stamp. But even a steamer is ideally suited to temper the herbal stamps. It is particularly easy to handle and not prone. Even before the stamp massage, while heating the herbal stamps with blossoms, a wonderful floral scent fills the massage room. The herbal stamp with additional flowers are suitable for both traditional Thai massage in massage parlour as well as for mobile physiotherapy. Your customer is already received upon entering the massage room by the delicate fragrance of Thai flowers. The sensual aroma that exudes the herbal compress with flowers during the stamp massage is absorbed from the nose and encourages better balance and harmony. By heating the herbs and flowers in herbal compresses the ingredients unfold. The skin is well supplied with blood by the stamp massage and simultaneously maintained tender. The harmonious herbal and floral scent is a pleasant companion before, during and after the stamp massage. The pleasant smell of the flowers, in conjunction with the essential oils of herbs and heat provide total relaxation and thus ensures new energy and strength for everyday life.

Where to buy cheap herbal stamps with additional flowers?

In our online shop we can offer the high quality herbal stamps with additional blossoms to a cheap price. Buy the herbal compresses with flowers here with quantity discount! Simply insert the desired number of flowered herbal compresses to the cart, your unit price adjusts automatically. It drops off dramatically with ordering a big quantity of herbal stamps with flowers.

Herbal stamp with  additional flowers are inexpensive and cheap in a value pack

If you want to try the authentic Thai stamps for the first time, you can buy an inexpensive test kit or simply one herbal stamp. Try all stamp contained (including flowers Herbal Compress) at rest before you buy again cheap herbal compress with or without flowers additive. Order now here the cheap herbal stamp with additional flowers. You save time and money, because the wanthai Wellness Online Store has a large enough supply of herbal stamps in the best quality at the best price. At Wanthai Wellness you can buy herbal stamps since 2006 in excellent quality.

Wanthai offers herbal stamps with blossoms in the following sizes:

- 150 Grams of herbs and flowers per piece
- 200 Grams of herbs and flowers per piece

Give a herbal compress with Thai flowers for stamp massage as a present. Whether Jasmin, or Dok Moke, the fragrant herbs temples with flowers additive are a great gift idea. Bring the scent of Thailand with a herbal flowered compress to your home or in your massage studio.

More information about massage with herbal stamps, as instructions on use and storage can be found here.

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