For the face

Herbal stamps & herbal compresses for facial massage

Herbal stamps for the face and the décolleté - Thai stamps

The facial and décolleté massage with herbal stamps is especially effective. The valuable agents of the herbs are transported aimed in deeper layers of the skin and appeal soft and sustainable. The herbal stamps for the face by Wanthai are small and weigh just 70 to 75 grams to ensure a pleasant application. The Thai stamps are pure natural products, without added fragrances and chemicals.

Thai stamp for facial massage, a natural product of Thailand

The original herbal stamps for the face from Thailand are processed with traditionally methods by our contract supplier. The herbs are all self-cultivated and are matched according to traditional recipe. The proven herbal blends, extra for facial treatments, are filled in small cotton towels and bound with a special winding technology. Especially for the treatment in the face just 70-75 grams are filled into the compresses. At creating the mixture of the herbs it is taken care especially that no eye irritation or skin irritation occurs in usage.

We can guaranty best quality at special prices with our Thai herbal stamps for the face and décolleté. Like all other herbal products Wanthai orders them at a certified supplier in Thailand since 2006. This long personal and good business connection ensures those outstanding conditions in our online shop.

How is the herbal stamp used at a massage of face and décolleté?

The small herbal stamps are warmed (please look at the manual to warm herbal stamps on this side ) and afterwards guided in circling and erasing movements with gently pressure over the face and the décolleté. The use of several herbal stamps is sensible for the possibility to change a cooled down one against a new warm one. This way the facial massage is not disturbed.

How is the impact of a facial massage with herbal stamps?

The massage of the face and the décolleté with herbal stamp is a special way of facial massage. The natural soothing and aromatic herbs of the Thai stamps pamper the fine facial skin and also your senses. The facial characteristics and facial muscles relax very fast, because of the pleasant aroma and the warmth of the herbal stamps. The essences of the Thai stamps operate lifting, support blood circulation and purging. The self-regulating forces of the body are activated by regularly herbal stamp massages. The use of herbal stamps in facial and décolleté massage has not only got a beauty effect, also at having stress there a recreation adjusts very fast.

Thai stamps - anti aging wonder and suitable for each skin

The proliferation is encouraged by a facial massage with the small warm herbal stamps. Also blood circulation and lymph flow is intensified. At regular application of the Thai stamps tautly and healthy looking skin is recognizable fast. According to the skin appearance or skin texture you should choose different herbal stamps for the face. The ones filled with sesame or coconut are recommended and loved for very dry facial skin, because of their moisturizing characteristics. The traditional herbal stamp you can use for each skin appearance.

Very cheap herbal stamps for the face and the décolleté

Already at buying two herbal stamps for facial massage of the same sort you get a price reduction. The cheap prices at higher amounts are shown in the product description of the herbal stamps. As soon as you change the amount in your consumer basket, prices will be adjusted automatically. Moreover we offer herbal stamps in cheap ten pieces saving pack or mixed herbal stamps in a starter set for getting to know. Facial massage with herbal stamps is soothing experience. It is massage and aromatherapy at the same time. Pamper your customers with a Thai stamp facial massage, a natural product made in Thailand for tender skin and pure relaxation.

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