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In Thai Shop for Wellness & Living there is a wide range of manual massage devices made of wood. The classic wooden massager for the Thai massage, the wood Deuser rods for massage or massage Stabholz sets for compressions include the professional wooden massage accessories. For physiotherapists, masseurs, Thai masseuses and even for home users a massager of high-quality hardwood is a supportive tool. For what form of manual massage device made of wood you choose depends on the claim and the type of massage. In any case, the timber permits massage accessories for the massage and also for the self massage many options.

Buy Manual Massagers Wooden during massage experts
Since 2006, the online shop for original buyers grapple Thai products with the theme Massage & Wellness. By training in Thai massage and work closely with Thai masseurs and masseuses, they know what to look for when using manual massage devices made of wood, such as a massage stick of wood or a massage hedgehog. No matter what the shape of the wooden massager, it must be easy and good in the hand. In addition, the wooden massage accessories must be high-quality hardwood, which has been polished, so that there is no injury to the Thai massage or massage. All the Thai shop for Wellness & Wohnen offered manual massagers were made of wood made of high quality hardwood in Thailand in my hand. Each massager wood, each Deuser chopsticks, everyone Wood Massage hedgehog, really any manual wooden massager undergoes a quality inspection before it is shipped.

Which manual wooden massagers are there?
The range of wooden massage accessories is huge. The massage experts wanthai have compiled the most popular models of Thai Massa tree species and Massager. A basic distinction in manual wooden massagers four categories:

1. Massage Stabholz - the massager wood usually takes the form of a stylus and is used for massage or massage. Variants of massage stick wood are also Deuser chopsticks, the massager wooden cruciform and the massager Holzigel (massager with several rounded hedgehog spines hardwood).
2. Massage Holzroller - there are different forms of massage Holzroller. Depending on the choice, the manual wooden massager can be operated with one hand or with both hands. Popular variations of massage Holzroller from Thailand are the four-point roller and the hardwood Roller for back and stomach.
3. Massage Wood - behind the term massage wood all forms hide on wooden massage accessories that are often used in Thailand. These include, for example: the tricorn hardwood massage hand massage wooden spoon or self-massage the massage wooden back with flexible arm.
4. Massage Holzigel - massage hedgehog in wood provides a massager or massage wooden nubs with hardwood represents The knobs are used to massage and are also often used for hand or foot massage.
5. Massage Wood Set - various types of massage stick of wood and the other categories in the mix, so that there is a choice of manual wooden massagers available for Thai massage or massage.

What's on wooden massager from Thailand, or wooden massage accessories especially?
The wooden massagers from Thailand is a handmade natural product. From one solid piece of hardwood massager wood Deuser chopsticks or the Massage hedgehog is generally produced. Elaborate wood joints and notches ensure that each vibrator wood and each massage timber to extreme loads a Thai massage or trigger point massage holding state and does not require fittings made of plastic or metal. Buying a wooden massage rod or wooden massage accessories from Thailand is a unique lifetime investment for a Thai massage or a Thai masseuse.


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