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With the large selection of oolong tea and oolong tea blends, the online shop for Wellness & Living is an Eldorado for tea lovers. Wanthai premium oolong teas come from China. The perfect timing of the fermentation combines the taste of green tea and black tea. Fine oolong tea blends with dried flowers and fruits provide a variety of flavours. China tea has a long tradition and is an indispensable part of tea culture in his home country. In Europe, the semi-fermented oolong tea enjoys increasing popularity due to its balanced taste and beneficial effects.

What in actual fact is Oolong Tea?

The oolong China tea is fermented for longer than green tea, but shorter than black tea. Therefore, the oolong is also referred to as half fermented or as the golden center of China tea. For the oolong tea, the picked tea leaves are laid out in the sun to wither. After a rest period in a closed room, the oxidation takes place. For this purpose, the tea leaves are repeatedly rubbed by hand and shaken so that the juice can escape and oxidize with oxygen. In Oolong crafting, the oxidation process is controlled by heating the tea leaves in iron pans. It is the tea maker's skill to have the perfect timing for Oolong production.

Depending on the length of the fermentation process, the taste of Oolong tea tends to be green tea or black tea. Oolong tea originated in the tea culture highlands of China in Fujian, Chao'an and Guangdong provinces. But oolong teas from the oolong gardens in Thaiwan (Luku, Hsinchu, Miaoli, Pinglin and Nantouzu) are among the best oolong varieties in the world. Only recently, there are also Oolong tea and Oolong tea blends from Kenya, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and India, which differ in part from the original Oolong tea taste.

How is oolong tea prepared properly?

Both classic oolong tea and oolong tea blends can be infused several times. In China, the oolong tea is prepared very elaborately during the traditional tea ceremony. But even with the simple brew method the Oolong tea develop its complete bouquet of aromas. The optimal container for Oolong China tea is a clay pot for the tea to breathe. For a cup of tea about three grams of oolong tea leaves (one teaspoon) are needed.

The tea aroma develops best when using natural mineral water with low water hardness. For the infusion of Oolong China tea, the temperature of water should be between 85 and 95 degrees Celsius. The hotter the water, the more intense the aroma of Oolong tea develops. This also applies to the brewing time. For the first two infusions it is optimally 20 to 30 seconds and then extended for each infusion by five seconds. Oolong tea lovers like to experiment with water temperature and brewing time to discover the individual flavours of Oolong tea and Oolong tea blends.

Where to buy a wide selection of Oolong teas?

In the tea shop, such as the online shop for Wellness & Living, there is a large selection of China Oolong teas and oolong tea blends to buy. The Wanthai Oolong tea range includes only premium quality teas that have been semi-fermented with great skill and expertise. In the Oolong tea blends the aromas of the dried fruits or petals harmonize perfectly with the tea taste. Try the classic Oolong tea from China, Oolong tea with orange blossom and peach, Oolong tea with fig or the very popular Milky Oolong. The Milky Oolong is sweetish in taste and delights with a unique creamy milk note.

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