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Original Thai cushion with natural kapok, are very popular not only in Thailand. Meanwhile, the durable and solid Kapok pillows are popular worldwide. Kapok cushion there are for example in the form of triangle cushion, as seat cushions, floor cushions, support pillow and Throw. In the online shop for original Thai products there are Thai furnishing fabrics, such as the kapok pillow in great selection, in a variety of designs and colors. Also looking for a yoga cushions, floor cushions and meditation cushions kapok pillows from Thailand a very good choice.

Why are Thai cushions filled with kapok so popular?
Kapok pillows from Thailand immediately recall Thailand itself. The colorful kapok pillow can be found everywhere in Thailand as home textiles and for hundreds of years already serve as a floor cushion. The typical Thai pattern with elephants and flowers, magic immediately Thai feeling caused. Above all, the versatility of Thai pads, pleasant material and the high strength contribute to popularity of kapok pillows from Thailand at the world. The filling of kapok pillow is a natural product. Kapok is thermal regulating, moisture-repellent and very light. These characteristics, combined with the woven cotton fabric, characterized by a typical kapok pillows from Thailand.

For what purposes kapok pillows from Thailand be used?
In restaurants, beach bars, massage parlors, spas, or home, the kapok pillow triangle is used as a comfortable seat cushion. The triangle pillow is a special form of Thai cushions filled with kapok. The pad itself has the shape of a triangle, which serves as a support wedge, the stitched mat can be folded so that from the triangle pillow a comfortable seat, and a comfortable bed with wedge. As Kapok seat cushion can be placed directly on the floor triangle pillow. The kapok fiber protects against moisture and cold, which is why the Thai cushions come not only as Pillow for furniture, but also as a bottom seat cushion, meditation cushion and Yogakissen used.

Are kapok pillows from Thailand durable?
Yes. The Thai Wohntextilien from kapok, with cotton pillowcase are extremely durable and long lasting. The tightly woven pillowcase is made of pure cotton and is very elastic and robust. The production of original Thai cushions filled with kapok one in Thailand to a craft that is transmitted from generation to generation. In northern Thailand the quality kapok pillow, triangle cushions, seat cushions and pillows are handmade. With the intermediate seams will be ensured that the Thai pillows are comfortable and also very resilient filled with kapok. Kapok pillows from Thailand are not pure Throw. Replace the bottom seat cushion chairs, support for sports, such as yoga and meditation cushion pillow, help as a support pillow while relaxing.

Kapok pillows are perfect for boat, beach and spa suited
Wherever pillows come in contact with moisture, there are usually problems. Not so with the quality kapok pillows from Thailand. The triangular pillows, floor cushions, yoga cushions and meditation cushions can be safely moist. Since the kapok fiber is coated with wax, it does not absorb moisture. Kapok cushion even swim. Dry the Thai cushions filled with kapok are simply placed in the sun. When dry, the kapok fiber resumes the full volume and cleans itself through the heat itself.

Kapok pillows from Thailand are full as Home Textiles in Trend
The lounge feeling and bottom seat cushions, triangle cushions and supporting cushions have gained international popularity. It is convenient to chic slouch in the bar on the bottom seat cushion. With the Kapok pillows from Thailand, with a decorative pattern, a cozy pillow lounge is everywhere quickly conjured that withstand extreme loads.