Asian tables, side tables, living room tables, desks, dressing tables, dining tables, café tables, opium tables and trolleys from Thailand

At Wanthai Wellness & Living you find a big range of different Asian tables from Thailand. It all startet with the typical Asian opium tables. Further down you find detailed information about this wonderful furniture. As diverse our customers are, as diverse are their wishes and necessities in everyday life. So bit by bit the owner, Kannika Khamphaeng, incorporated more and more tables of different nature to the Wanthai range. Now you find small pieces like side tables and café tables, but also big ones like living room and dining tables, desks for the office, dressing tables for the bedroom or the dressing room as well as trolleys in different sizes.

Tables from solid wood, acacia, teak, mango wood, bamboo, rattan and waterhyacinth

Not only the purposes of the tables in range vary, but also the materials of which they consist are very different. So you find samples from solid massive wood like acacia, teak, mango wood or bamboo, but also combinations with bamboo mesh or rattan and waterhyacinth. There is one thing all these various tables have in common: They are all processed by hand lovingly from solid wood and so are very valuable and unique furnishings. At Wanthai you cannot find any furniture from chipboard or something like that. Enjoy high quality of the thai originals in your rooms - they have been imported from Asia to Germany and Europe extra for you.

Design singleton - tables from tree trunks

While some of our tables are available multiple in its design, some additional tables in the Wanthai range are available just one time in the world. This design tables consist of tree trunks and have got all their own character. They are characterized by its unique grain of the wood, by the shape of the trunk and by the thickness of the slice. These tables are combined mostly with a metal rack for a saver stand. The special shape of the metal bases additionally cater for a unique look of your living or dining room.
Tables with carvings and other refinements
In typical Asian style many of our tables at Wanthai are equipped with wonderful handmade and integrated carvings. Blossoms vines, ornaments and reliefs decorate the tables and give them a special mood. On top of that, there are also tables with further refinements like gold or other gaudy colours and glistening sequins in red, green, blue and silver. So there is something for each taste and your rooms shine in a unique decor. The tables can be combined with many others of our furniture.

Decorative trolleys, also for the corners

You are weary of carrying things you need again and again? Why don`t you use just one of our wonderful trolleys? They have got more floors and therefore enough storing space for breakfast utensils, massage accessories and more. Our handmade trolleys are perfect side tables, which facilitate everyday life and look very decorative at the same time, because of their natural mix of materials. You can integrate them in any room concept and as a corner table they are also a practical space-filler. Even in restaurants and hotels your guests and customers can be served with these trolleys with wellness atmosphere.

Opium tables from Thailand - Solid wood tables

Original Thai opium tables made of teak are used as a couch table or occasional table. Not just to Asian-style facilities, but also to the modern European living ambience, an exclusive opium table from Thailand can be combined. Typical features for the opium table are the curved legs, as well as the height of 25 to 45 centimetres. Particularly exclusive opium tables are decorated with carvings or lacquers on the legs of solid wood tables. In the Thai Shop for Wellness & Living you will find a large selection of original Thai opium teak in different designs and sizes.

Why the opium table is called opium table?

Opium refers to the squeezed juice of the poppy seed capsule, which is used as a sleeping agent in dried form. Do not worry, no opium is used to make an opium table. It is speculated that the Chinese liked to use the small solid wood table to place their opium pipe and other utensils practically for the "smoke organs". In modern times, the name opium table means a low side table with four curved legs. In countries with a culture of ground cultivation, such as Japan and Korea, the opium table is an integral part of every home. In Germany the opium table is similar to a tea table and is used as a couch table, occasional table or decoration table.

From which wood is the solid wood opium table produced?

The opium table is produced in Asia from various solid woods. Teak, bangkirai, acacia, elm, camphor or fir, very solid woods are used for the opium table. In Thailand, mainly teak is used for the solid wood opium table. The solid wood legs and the thick solid wood table top of the opium table are extremely stable and resilient. The opium table is now available in various designs and colours. In the Thai shop for wellness & living you have a large selection of small round but also quadratic tables made of solid wood with a table top of 25 x 25 cm up to large opium tables of 185 x 67 cm. The designs of the side tables and couches range from simple teak solid wood tables to opulently decorated opium tables with gold, black, red and blue. Depending on the design, the massive table top of the opium table is decorated or the table legs are elaborately decorated.

What is the purpose of the opium table?

The opium table is a decorative side table or couch table. The use of the opium is explained by using three examples: 1. Opium table as a couch table: Because of its low height, the opium table can be combined perfectly with seating furniture such as a couch or a sofa. Also, Thai seat cushions are perfect to have access to drinks and snacks from the seated position. 2. Opium table as an occasional table: It is important in the massage parlour to have all the utensils ready for use. On the low opium table, the masseuse can place stylish massage oil, herbal stamps and massage sticks. 3. Opium table as a decoration table: An opium table quickly captures the eye. On the low teak solid wood table, high vases, Buddha figures, candles and Thai flowers can be arranged stylishly.

Has the opium table to be assembled at home?

If you buy an opium table in the Thai shop for wellness & living, you do not need any craftsmanship. All opium tables are solid wood tables, which are made in Thailand. The delivery takes place as a complete table within 1-2 workdays by parcel dispatch or as general cargo with forwarding at an agreed appointment. Alternatively, the opium table can also be picked up at the Wanthai shop in Deizisau near Stuttgart.

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