Products of the brand alveus - Tasty loose teas

Here you will find all alveus products that are offered in the webshop of Wanthai Wellness & Living. Behind the alveus brand is a renowned and popular tea manufacturer with a diverse and unusual range of loose teas.

Different varieties of tea - for every taste

Hundreds of herbal teas, fruit teas and green teas are among the alveus tea choices, as are white teas, wellness teas, black teas and oolong teas. The high quality of the teas in combination with a good price-performance ratio make the teas a sought-after product that can be enjoyed all year round thanks to the variety offered. In hot temperatures, a delicious iced tea can be created in a very simple way from your favourite tea.

Order tea in different quantities as needed

In the Wanthai Wellness & Living webshop, you can order the alveus teas from the Tea category, according to your needs, in different quantities. Of course, a single person needs less tea than a massage parlour, which brews several litres of tea daily for its customers. We are aware of this and therefore we offer you small sample sets to filter out your favourite teas as well as resealable 100g packs and 1kg bags. Simply select the amount of tea in the respective article and place it in your shopping cart.