Products of the brand Wanthai - professional in terms of wellness & living

Thank you for your interest in Wanthai brand products. Here you have all Wanthai products summarized at a glance. What began in 2006 with a single product - namely herbal stamps from the category of massage accessories - has meanwhile developed into a competent and established supplier of numerous products relating to the topics of wellness and living.

Competent supplier of massage accessories

Wanthai offers a wide range of massage supplies. Starting with massage clothing, fragrance lamps, herbal stamps for the herbal stamp massage, and CDs with relaxing music on the necessary aids such as a variety of massage woods, massage oils and hot stone sets, to massage tables - all individually designed to your liking. Beautiful artificial blossoms and flowers for the stylish decoration of the massage parlour complete the massage range of Wanthai Wellness & Wohnen.

Solid wood furniture in special Wanthai design

In the area of living Wanthai offers you a variety of furniture such as dressers, shelves, cabinets, benches, chairs, stools and tables. All pieces of furniture are made of robust, high-quality solid wood and partly of solid wood tree slices. Wanthai works together with a workshop in Thailand that lovingly crafts all these pieces. Own Wanthai designs make it possible to furnish living rooms, hotels, restaurants and massage parlours with very special pieces of furniture that are rare in Europe.

Cook and eat with handmade ceramic dishes as well as stainless steel and wooden cutlery

Who wants to set up his dining room, his dining area in the hotel or his restaurant entirely in the sign of Thailand, will be delighted by Wanthai ceramic dishes. Handmade in Thailand and painted with a beautiful blue pattern, it makes a real impression on the table in this country. Plates, cups, bowls, teapots, pots and much more in extraordinary shapes make the hearts of every Thailand lover beat faster. High quality stainless steel cutlery in beautiful designs complete the stylish ambience. But also wooden cutlery such as salad servers, chopsticks and rice spoons can be found in the large product range of Wanthai.

Beautify your four walls with decoration accessories from Wanthai

Furnished with furniture, you can then refine your apartment, your hotel or even your restaurant with unique decoration products from the huge Wanthai assortment. You will find here a large selection of lamps, reliefs and paintings, fabrics, cushions and mats from Kapok and other accessories such as picture frames, figures, candles and smoked products, wicker and ghost houses.

Unique and specially grown teas from Thailand in the Wanthai assortment

You come back from a trip to Thailand and would like to enjoy at home the unique and delicious taste of Thailand? Or you want to pamper your massage customers with it? No problem, because Wanthai Wellness & Living offers many typical Thai teas from their own cultivation. These include, for example, the popular lemon grass tea, flowers of the Butterfly Pea Anshan plant, Pandanus herbs, but also fruity Matum slices and hibiscus tea. Lean back and pamper your taste buds with a delicious cup of Thai tea.