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The Bunzlau bowl: a beautiful piece of traditional craftsmanship

If you choose one of these bowls or dishes of Bunzlau crockery, you are making a conscious choice "per tradition". The bowls and bowls with the typical decor reminiscent of a peacock wheel have adorned kitchens and inns in many regions of the world for many years. The simple, yet impressive pattern in a strong blue and white is a classic that still touches the hearts of users today. Choose: Would you like to serve your salad in Bunzlau dishes in the future? Then you can choose either a small or a medium-sized bowl in the typical decor. Both sizes as a set are of course a nice thing. Choose the height and diameter that best suit your needs and habits. You will see: There is definitely something suitable in this category.

Do you like it a little more opulent?

In this category you can also get bowls or bowls that have a somewhat more complex decor. A kind of "decorative strip" was also incorporated into the classic blue or white. The result is an effect that is very beautiful in many contexts. No matter whether you need a salad bowl or a bowl for soups, with these products you have something real, authentic, which is of course also a good gift. These containers are the perfect environment for fruit or nuts or biscuits. Such a Bunzlau bowl brings a touch of nostalgia into your home and complements a modern living style as an interesting contrast. The finely glazed bowls and bowls are durable and the pattern is preserved for a long time. Bunzlau: This name stands for the skill of the manufacturers who give their soul in the manufacture of these accessories for the well-kept table. Benefit from cheap shipping of this typical Bunzlau specialty!

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