Sugar Bowls

Bunzlau sugar bowls

Already in the 16th century there was an excellent pottery in Boleslawiec, which produced coveted ceramic tableware. BUNZLAU SUGAR BOWLS have also always been made.

The vessels quickly found widespread use in numerous households. Thanks to its versatility, the dishes soon became an indispensable kitchen aid. An important advantage of Bunzlau ceramics is their fire resistance.
The clay was obtained in the former Silesian Bunzlau-Naumburg and is now partly handcrafted according to old forms in Polish factories. The very durable and abrasion-resistant underglaze decorations are applied by hand to each container with a spray balloon, sponge or brush.

In the two subsequent firing processes at 800 ° C and 1250 ° C, the dishes get their estimated shelf life.
Despite the further development of the pottery craft, the popular traditional decors have largely been preserved. Today, sponge and spray decor technology are still used primarily.

The well-known high quality of the products continues to inspire a large customer base. The Bunzlau sugar bowls are free of pollutants. They are also dishwasher safe. They can also be used for purposes other than those intended in the oven, microwave or refrigerator.

Bunzlau ceramic sugar bowl 0.4 liter decor 41: item number: H-044412-41

This beautiful round sugar bowl has a straight shape with a slightly recessed base. The solid lid has a practical recess for a sugar spoon. With its slightly playful blue and white decor with red and green color accents, it can be easily combined with other Bunzlau ceramic vessels. Its diameter is 10.6 cm, the height 9.7 cm. It weighs 0.45 kg and has a capacity of 0.4 l.

Another refreshing model is the Bunzlau ceramic sugar bowl 0.4 liter decor 8: article number: H-044220-8

This charming sugar bowl also has a round, straight shape with a slightly set back foot.
Its lid also has the practical recess for the sugar spoon.
Their blue-white-ground decor has less striking red and green color accents and is therefore somewhat more reserved in its effect. The dimensions are identical to the previous sugar bowl.

Anyone who owns a piece of these inimitable vessels may become a passionate collector of this still trendy ceramic.

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