Mugs and cups

Buy Mugs and Cups made of Ceramic at Wanthai at a great price

You will find a large selection of mugs and cups made of Thai ceramics at Wanthai. Well-shaped and handmade in the beautiful north of Thailand, mugs and cups for the table. On our journeys of discovery through Thailand, we have selected for you very fine ceramics with a high resistance to everyday influences in restaurants and in private homes. The Wanthai cups and mugs in the blue and white design are particularly robust: with their underglaze painting, they can easily withstand daily cleaning in the dishwasher and will therefore remain with you for a long time.

Where do Thai ceramic mugs and cups come from?

Ceramics have been designed and fired in Thailand for many centuries. The design and firing techniques have been refined over this long period of time. As a result, many long-time buyers of Thai ceramics have come along over the centuries. Thus, Wanthai also manufactures its special white-blue ceramic tableware in Northern Thailand and can draw on this wealth of experience. From Northern Thailand, these dishes are shipped directly to Bangkok, from where they are transported to Germany by ship. All ceramic products that you can find here in the online shop can also be sent to you at very short notice. Without long waiting times at reasonable costs.

Will the Thai ceramics also reach you safely?

We have gained a lot of experience over the years to be able to pack the many different ceramics safely and effectively for dispatch by post. So you can rely on this wealth of experience and take your time to choose the cups and mugs that you like best.

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