Pots and trays

Hand-decorated ceramic teapots and Trays

If any utilitarian object, such as a ceramic teapot or coffee pot, brings a valuable and pleasant aura, then it is the pots from Wanthai! Our teapots and coffee pots are carefully designed, shaped, double-fired and decorated by hand in Thai factories. This not only ensures a special appearance, but also offers a high utility value. You can enjoy such a teapot for a long time. Even frequent cleaning in the dishwasher does not damage the glaze and the painting applied under the glaze so quickly. This is why our teapots and coffee pots are so popular in restaurants.

Tea and coffee pots made of robust Thai ceramics

Because if things get hectic and the tea and coffee pots from Wanthai are handled a little roughly, they will not immediately take offence. Robust against external influences, the pots still look good even after years of use. The double firing at high temperatures over many hours and the specially selected raw materials for the ceramic mixture create pots for special table culture. This means you get great ceramic pots that are also worth their price.

Take advantage of the experience gained over the last 700 years in the production of Thai ceramics and treat yourself to your favourite tea or coffee pot! The entire Wanthai team wishes you lots of pleasure with it now and also looks forward to your enquiries, comments and honest reviews directly here in the German Wanthai webshop.

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