Coconut wood products from Wanthai Wellness and Living

Decorate your living rooms with original Thai coconut products in the typical Thai design.
Wanthai Wellness and Living wishes you much pleasure with them!

Information about our coconut wood
The origin of coconut wood
The wood for Wanthai coconut products comes from Thailand. Coconut palms that love the water feel especially comfortable on sandy loamy soils on coasts and river mouths, and in general on all fresh, loose, as well as nutrient- and lime-rich soils. As you know it from postcards and holiday photos, they are often found near the coast. Coconut palms are very robust, many coconut palm species even withstand tsunamis. Coconut wood is used for the construction of traditional huts, among other things.

The use at Wanthai
Our Wanthai coconut wood products are very finely crafted and of high strength. They are therefore very versatile. In addition to coconut wood furniture, Wanthai also offers picture frames, rice spoons, salad servers and much more. In our Thai shop you will find furniture made of solid wood and furnishings such as picture frames made of solid wood in typical Asian design. Our rice spoons and our various salad servers are great souvenirs for dinner or birthday parties. Have a look at our products here!

The food authenticity
Coconut wood is odourless and tasteless. We only sell products made of untreated coconut wood, so you can also use the decorative Wanthai salad servers and our beautiful rice spoons without hesitation for preparing and serving food.

The characteristics of coconut wood:
Coconut wood is stable. Our coconut wood products are very carefully handcrafted, sanded and varnished. Each piece is a natural product and unique, since the production is not a plan or machine production. Unevenness, nicks and residues are the natural characteristics of our Wanthai products. A piece of coconut wood furniture purchased from Wanthai will last a lifetime and will beautify your home and exterior for a long time. Coconut wood is a very strong and weather-resistant material and can be used outdoors all year round.

The care:
The best way to regularly care for your coconut wood furniture purchased from Wanthai is to rub a soft cloth and a few drops of olive oil into the wood. Stains are best removed with a damp cloth. The coconut wood salad servers should be washed by hand and not put in the dishwasher.