Massage tables in different versions

Configure massage table special order easily online

The great massage tables can be configured for custom-made according to your requirements easily. After the customer desires the Thai massage tables are produced with or without face hole with a reliable partner in Germany. After three to four weeks makes the special sizes massage table their services in the Thai massage parlor, physiotherapy practice, the spa salon or beauty parlor.

Massage table in special sizes from retailers for Massage Accessories
The massage table, ie treatment couch, characterizes the daily life of masseurs, masseuses, doctors, physiotherapists / inside, cosmetologists and many more. With a custom-made massage table can be long-term problems caused by unfavorable position at work prevent. In stores for massage accessories, customers can have their customized massage table produce a custom-made simple and inexpensive. Eight options when configuring the massage table allow to customize the massage table with or without facial hole. Massage tables in special sizes (height, width, length), special colors, different types of wood and various special equipment available in the Online Configuration to choose from. The special sizes massage table is produced as an inexpensive custom-made at a partner company in Germany in only three to four weeks and delivered directly to the desired address of the customer by forwarding agent.

Stable Massage table - Customization is done in Germany
The budget, special sizes massage table is supported by a stable, four-legged wooden structure. Even heavy patients and strong pressure, as the Thai massage, the robust massage table securely holds jurisdiction. Neither wiggle the massage table, still creak of the wooden structure needs to be feared in the special design of the massage table. For the production of the massage table spruce or extremely hard Buchholz is used according to the customers. The wooden construction of custom-massage table is painted in white, dark brown or natural (covered with a clear coat) offered. For the high-quality reference of individual massage table stand for individual custom-made nine colors to choose from.

Where special sizes, the individual massage table be ordered?
In the online configuration of the desired massage table can in length between the dimensions: 170, 180, 190, 200, 210, 220 and 230 centimeters are selected. The width can be configured in five centimeter steps individual massage table as a very narrow treatment table with 75 centimeters, to extremely wide massage bed with 120 centimeter. As regards the levels have customers for retailers of massage accessories selection from 45 centimeters to choose up to 80 centimeters in five centimeter distance. From the massage tables height of 80 centimeters to 110 centimeters to be configured intervals for special production is 10 centimeters.

What are the reasons for buying an individual massage table?
The massage table or treatment table needs to users and its application fit. Only with the appropriate work unit, ie the optimal massage table, long-term health effects can be averted by stress factors at work. But the patients and customers benefit from a custom-made massage table. If the massage table adapted to the needs and workflow of Thai masseuse or osteopath, this may be better suited to its task. An individual massage table the high quality performance of the masseur, doctor or physiotherapist is ensured all day because fatigue is prevented. Another advantage of the custom-made massage table is the optics. The massage table can be adjusted thanks to custom-made according to the space and the corporate design of Thai massage parlors, the doctor's office or the Beauty Salons.

Configuring massage table with facial hole individually
The massage table with facial hole arrives at the Thai massage, massage therapists generally, with osteopaths, physiotherapists love to use. In the prone position, the patient can lie comfortably through the face hole in the massage table and has no breathing problems. By Face hole in the treatment table of the patient's back is straight and can be treated well. The online configuration of individual massage table with facial hole two variants for the cushioned face hole are available: "No closure face opening" and "closing a face opening". Depending on the option selected for the individual massage table with facial hole upholstered cover is provided for closing the face hole or not.

Configuring massage table without face hole individually
Many doctors, masseurs and therapists prefer individual massage tables without face hole. If necessary, they are working with a towel to allow the patient comfortable lying on the massage table without face hole. In the individual configuration of the massage table without a face hole, the option for the segment is not available. Otherwise, the two offered custom-made for massage tables do not differ. Both variants of the individual massage tables Special (with and without face-up) can be equipped with a small or large storage space for towels.

If the to-measure massage table suitable as a portable massage table?
No. The special sizes massage table is compact, like a "bed on four high legs". Those who opt for a made to measure massage table from wanthai, the specialized trade for massage accessories, should have a firm stand for massage tables available. For mobile use wanthai offers flexible and very light massage tables and massage chairs.

If the to-measure massage table with the requirements of the Health Department just?
Yes. During the design and production of individual massage tables in special sizes all the requirements of the Public Health Department will be considered. The comfortable five centimeters thick padding is coated with abrasion-resistant plastic. During the treatment, and in the purification of the individual massage tables can be complied with the most stringent hygiene requirements to the complete satisfaction of the health authorities

Where can the individual-measure massage table be ordered?
In stores for Massage Accessories individual massage table in special sizes, special colors and optional equipment can be configured directly in the online shop. Alternatively, the order for the special design of the massage table can also shop, done in Altbach near Stuttgart. The special sizes massage table or massage loungers according to their wishes, are produced immediately after receipt of the experienced partner in Germany. The preparation of the individual massage table, their special custom-made, takes three to four weeks. The dispatch of the desired massage table via insured Speditionsversand. Optional curb. For an extra charge the individual massage table is transported directly to the place of use. It is quite immaterial whether the place of use of the massage bed is on the ground floor or the 5th floor.

Wanthai, the specialized trade for massage accessories and high quality massage tables, custom-made.