Plates and serving dishes

Ceramic Plates and Serving Plates - hand-decorated from Thailand

Thailand is the land of ceramics! Here you will find the great hand-decorated ceramic plates and serving platters for sophisticated table culture. The painting of the plates and serving platters is applied under the glaze to protect the decoration. The painting is applied directly after the first firing and the cooling of the ceramic plates. We have included photos of the production and decoration of Wanthai ceramics in the individual articles. Feel free to take a look at the ceramic products and discover the direct insight into the creation of our little beauties.

Why can we offer the ceramic plates and serving platters at such a low price?

On our travels through Asia, we visit directly the manufacturers of our products offered here in Wanthai. This is also the case with our ceramics. This way we are able to buy cheaply without middlemen and to define our products ourselves. Especially because of the high quality and the appealing design we are able to buy and sell numerous ceramics in large quantities. When producing and purchasing larger quantities of ceramics, the price naturally also decreases. In order to be able to pass this advantage on to you, we have included graduated prices for many of our serving plates, which you are welcome to take advantage of. If you wish to purchase even larger quantities of plates and serving platters, you are welcome to contact us for pricing purposes. Please use our contact form for this purpose.

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