Schelves from massive wood, solid wood and bamboo in asian design

You love furnishing in asian style, the use of natural products and unique shaping? In this case you will make a find in our webshop for sure. At Wanthai Wellness & Living the shelves are not just dedicated servants. They are real centrepieces, have got unique designs and often are decorated with asian adornments. This wonderful carvings as well as the furniture itself consist of gorgeous natural materials which are combined with each other.

Wanthai shelves are made with heart`s blood by hand

Our customers often shout out Wow, when they see our range of shelves. They are overwhelmed by its uniqueness and they way they where processed. This customer reaction mirrors the versed work of our thai colleagues. In the carpentry in Thailand, with which Wanthai works together, people create the shelves with many heart`s blood by hand. Thereby know-how of processing wood from hundrets of centuries is deployed. The result are shelves of all sorts, which all consist of one piece. It does not matter if it is a small shelf or a big corner shelf. At Wanthai the customer does not have to compose his furniture after it has been delivered. The shelf will be send like it is shown on the photos in the article.

The used materials for our shelves

Wanthai looks back on growing tradition with many remarkable and unique shelves. The first furniture, which the owner Chomkhwan Osti and chief buyer Dan Nitzsche put in range among others where shelves from root wood. Each of the pieces where singletones, because of the uniqueness of the commodity. A specialty is also the Buddha shelf in nature wood or also decorated with golden, yellow and red colour. It makes possible to establish an altar even in a small room. Bit by bit more furniture came thereto and the trend with loved shelves from mango wood and bamboo arised.

Forms and colours of the shelves at Wanthai webshop

Meanwhile this sort of furniture exists in many terrific designs like half round, round, rectangular, curved, boat shaped and trapezium shaped shelves. The sizes vary from very small to thin shelves right up to wide and high ones. So there is something for every taste and need. Wanthai offers also something for spaces in the room, which normaly cannot be used like the corners. Small outer curved corner shelves, but also big corner shelves with one meter width and many storing space give sense to the "dead" spaces. Who likes the furnishing plain, can choose shelves without special decoration. Here the contrast of the dark brown solid wood and the beige of the bamboo appeals apart.

Asian shelves from Thailand in playful design

Lovers of playful designs find in the webshop of Wanthai Wellness & Living wonderful shelves with round struts as sidewalls or doors, with wooden splints to lock and gorgeous handmade relief carvings. Sometimes the carvings are just decoration in the corners, sometimes they serve a higher purpose. Beside of  open shelves and drawers some of the shelves have got closed shelves. The doors of them often cosist of wonderful flowers entwine, which let you have a look inside a bit. Partly they are decorated with golden colour additionally. With that refinements these shelves are especially suitable for furnishing asian massage parlours, restaurants or hotels in proper style. Naturally in private rooms they also show to advantage and are eyecatcher of artful handicraft.

Shelves with insensitive surface

The furniture from mango wood and bamboo do not just look in proper style and decorative, but are also insensitive and suitable for every day use. Even the bamboo mesh, which builds the shelf surface, is very solid and scratchproofed. Also a fallen down glass of water will not be dangerous for the surface, if it will be wiped away soon. The shelves of Wanthai inspire with its terrific shapes, its natural impression and its artful decoration with convincing longevity. They all can be combined with each other very well. Together they emit a real asian wellness atmosphere.

With just a few clicks you can order the furniture easily online and let them be delivered. Have fun at furnishing your rooms.

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