Super Kitchen

The SuperSOSO! Series "Super Kitchen" - extraordinary, colourful motifs

The brand SuperSOSO! is a popular brand with design articles from France and Thailand. She offers crockery and cutlery made of melamine under the series "Super Kitchen". These products please, especially because of their bright colourful motives with human, nature and animal motives, the little humans among us. But the adults are always entranced by it and also like to buy for themselves for example "Super Kitchen" soup and salad bowls with the rather neutral motifs such as cactus and bubbles.

SuperSOSO! Super Kitchen and its unique characters

Convince yourself and get to know the unique characters like the cock Albert, the monkey Charlie, the Crazy Cat, the zebra Michelle, the crocodile Croco and many more. You and your child will love these motives. Practical is the robust material. The products can be safely used outdoors and can then easily be cleaned in the dishwasher. Practical everyday companions with added value.

We hope you enjoy browsing the offers of SuperSOSO! Super Kitchen!

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