What is an herbal stamp massage?

An herbal stamp massage is a traditional massage technique. Cotton cloth filled with herbs, blossoms and sesame bring essences and flavour, which act positively on body and soul. Experienced massage experts explain herbal stamp massage and give you advice to accomplish the wellness herbal stamp massage for your own. The shopping advice for the needed herbal stamps plus accessory for the massage simplifies the purchase of the utensils for the herbal stamps massage additionally. After that you can conduct the pleasant massage with herbs already for yourself. Wellness for body and soul with the best herbal stamps, original from Thailand. Experts from Thailand, which run prestigious massage parlours in Germany explain step by step everything you need to know about herbal stamp massage and how it works.

Things to know about herbal stamps for herbal stamp massage

„Luk Prakob“ - this is how herbal stamps are called in Thailand. Over there the stamps for herbal stamp massage are filled traditionally with special herbal blends. With own wire-wrap methods they are formed to comfortable herbal stamps with pleasant handle. For the different sorts of herbal stamp massage there are stamps in diverse sizes. The stamps also differ in the filling and the herbal blend. Detailed information about the original Thai herbal stamps are provided on a special site “What are herbal stamps?” Massage experts explain the different sorts of stamps for the body and also for the face.

When an herbal stamp massage is sensible as wellness treatment?

The herbal stamp massage is a relaxation massage, which is used by massage experts with pleasure for example at muscle tenseness, at stress, at rheumatic complaints or joint problems. At the right use self-healing processes are animated and the metabolism is promoted. Depending on the herbal blend you use at the wellness treatment the herbal stamp massage acts relaxing, reassuring or invigorating.

Which utensils do I need for an herbal stamp massage?

The lies opportunity at a harmonic wellness massage like an herbal stamp massage is prerequisite. A massage bed provides best requirements for the therapist and the client. Additionally least two herbal stamps are used, up to the use purpose and also a heat device for herbal stamps. Relaxing music, dim light and massage oils additionally take care of a pleasant atmosphere while the herbal stamp massage. You can find many interesting and helpful massage accessories at Wanthai, the wellness online shop for experts and private persons.

Which herbal stamps do I use for which kind of herbal stamp massage?

There are special herbal stamps for the body massage, but also stamps for the facial massage. Men normally prefer herbal stamps without additional blossoms at the herbal stamp massage. While women love the fragrance of the Thai blossoms. In the online shop for herbal stamps you can find a big range of Thai original Thai herbal stamps for different massage purposes. The respective product description will help you to find the right herbal stamps for your herbal stamp massage fastly.

The preparation for a successful herbal stamp massage:

Unpack the herbal stamps even shortly before the herbal stamp massage. Afterwards steep sthem for about ten minutes in cold water. Then warm them over a steam bath. Our massage experts recommend to always use two stamps for that. While massaging the herbal stamp cools down. With two stamps you can switch every five minutes. This way you assure that you always have got a pleasant warm herbal stamp in use. Here you can read, which devices you can use to warm your herbal stamps and how you warm them professionally.

How is the herbal stamp massage performed?

The parts of the body, which should be massaged are prepared and rubbed with massage oil. At the whole body or partial body wellness herbal stamp massage the experts work with both hands. Before you press the herbal stamp on the skin of the customer, it is advisable to control the temperature of the stamp on your own back of the hand. At the beginning of the herbal stamp massage the stamp has got about 60 degrees. Therefore it is just plucked carefully on the body parts. With cooling down of the stamps the massage technique varies. The masseuse/ masseur changes to short aimed knocking movements and also to fluently spreadable movements. The more the herbal stamp cools down, the more powerful is the pressurizing over the stamp and the more slowly and intensively the massage is getting. The herbal stamp is moved along the energy gates. Tempo and pressure techniques are varied continuously.

To what should be paid attention at herbal stamp massage generally?

The massage with herbal stamps should be always in movements directed to the heart. The movement with the herbal stamp changes according to the body part and the temperature of the herbal stamp. There are many possibilities to use them – from dab, tap, force on and apply up to stiffening and circling movements.

How long does an herbal stamp massage take?

A full-body massage with herbal stamps takes from 60 up to 90 minutes, whereby the experts normally start with an original Thai massage and incorporate the herbal stamp massage. After the whole masse the customer is covered with a pleasant blanket and should have at least 10 to 15 minutes time to dwell.

Am I able to conduct an herbal stamp massage for my own?

Yes you can. Certainly an herbal stamp massage by an expert will be more effective, but as a wellness treatment for relaxing and for stimulating the blood flow or even as peeling you can do the herbal stamp massage also at home with a bit practice. All products, which you need for the massage, you can find directly here in our online shop at Wanthai Wellness & Living – the web shop for high quality products originally from Thailand. All offered massage accessories are deployed in professional massage parlours and are proofed by our massage experts regularly.