Production of original Thai massage oil from herbs and medicinal plants

Video of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Mahidol University, Thailand
How are the Thai Massage oils made?
If you have always wanted to know exactly how the traditional Wanthai Thai Massage Oils are made, you can watch this presentation from the Faculty of Pharmacy at Mahidol University in Thailand. In the following video you will see very clearly how the production of traditional Thai massage oil works exactly.

The presentation is in Thai but still very easy to understand, because the sequence of events is quite simple and easy to recognize.

Pure palm oil is used as the first basic ingredient for the Thai massage oil. Like the palm oil, all other ingredients are produced locally in Thailand and are processed partly fresh and partly pre-dried. The palm oil is heated and brought to a boil. Fresh pieces of plai (Zingiber montanum (king)) and curcuma are added to the heated oil. By heating, the valuable ingredients of the added herbs are transferred to the palm oil and are absorbed by the fat and water molecules.

After boiling out the plai and curcuma, these two ingredients are removed from the pot again and the oil remains in the pot.

Now the ground cloves are added to the oil and boiled out for about 5 minutes. Then the almost finished massage oil is beaten through a sieve. This removes all solid particles from the oil. The massage oil remains as a clear, yellow liquid, into which the camphor is then added in crystalline form. Stir well a few more times and the camphor dissolves quickly in the still warm oil.

After the oil has cooled down well, it is filled into small glass bottles with a conventional syringe, as you can buy it in a pharmacy, and sealed well. In this way the wonderful herbal scent in the massage oil is preserved for a long time. Such a massage oil can be used for more than two years and does not require any preservatives.

Where can you buy this kind of massage oil?
Here in the Wanthai Wellness shop, you can also order these deliciously scented herbal oils directly online.

Yellow massage oil made from herbs
Green massage oil from herbs
Plai massage oil from Wat Po

Here again the list of ingredients for the Thai massage oil produced in the video, these quantities are needed to produce about 800 ml of finished oil for traditional Thai massage and good physiotherapy:

- pure palm oil, 100 grams
- Plai (Zingiber montanum (King)), 200 grams
- Curcuma, 50 grams
- Cloves, 1.5 grams
- Garabun (camphor), 0,5 gram

This presentation is of course only exemplary and only suitable for small quantities of oil. Larger quantities of Thai Massage Oil are of course produced on a larger scale and with correspondingly more ingredients.

Where is the Faculty of Pharmacy, Mahidol University in Thailand located?
Map with location of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Mahidol University in Bangkok, Thailand.

If you should ever be near the university yourself, please feel free to stop by,
this is located not far from the Airport Link and is very central.