Tea Matum Bale fruit original from Thailand 250g
Pure Sun Dried Ma Tum slices, untreated (Aegle marmelos (L.) Correa ex. Roxb.). The Ma-Tum-fruit is a fruit tree and is the prototype of today's oranges. You will receive an airtight bag to 250 grams. So your Ma Tum tea remains fresh for long time.
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Matum tea, Ma Tum tea, original tea from Thailand

Fruit teas, as the Matum tea are very popular in Thailand. In addition to the Thai Mulberry, a large leaf green tea, which is mixed with mulberry flowers, refreshing tea Matum love drinking it as a thirst quencher. The light fruity orange flavor of Thai tea is sugary drinks, such as cola or lemonade preferred. The Matum tea is a refreshing and gentle Wellness Tea with purifying and relaxing effect. In massage parlors in Thailand is enough to Ma Tum like tea before and after the massage.

Where does the oranges taste of Thailand teas Matum?
In Thailand, the Matum tree whose fruit is not suitable for direct consumption grows. The fruits of Urgewächs of Orange, the Bali Fruits are cut in Thailand sliced, dried in the sun and used for drinks and food. Made from the dried fruits we the typical Thai tea Matum tea. The intensely fragrant bitter-sweet-scented caramelized orange fruit slices are infused in Thailand for fruit and drunk as a tea Thai, preferably as iced tea.

Matum tea original from Thailand!
Proposed in the tea shop Matum tea was prepared in a traditional way in Thailand and imported to the customs regulations in Germany. Enjoy this Origin Altee from Thailand and at home.

How is Thai tea - Prepared Matum tea?
2 slices Matum tea cooked with boiling water per liter of Thai tea. Depending on the natural taste, more or fewer slices can be used. After 5 minutes, still boil for 10 minutes on low heat to simmer. The fruit slices can remain in the tea.

Important note:
Matum tea always cook with boiling water and boil for at least 5 minutes! The only way to get a safe product!

Content of the Thai tea:
250 g loose and sliced fruit slices, dried in the sun.
One package (250 g) Matum tea is enough for about 40 liters of tea per liter you only need two medium-sized fruit slices!

-sun dried Matum slices, untreated (Aegle marmelos (L.) Correa ex. Roxb

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