Incense use

Important information for burning incense

The fill with smoke of incense is easy. Simply ignite one or more rods at the top and leave it a few seconds not burn long with an open flame.

To delete the open flame: you fan the flame with your hand gently or move it quickly through the air until the flame goes out and the incense only smoulders.

Please the incense is not blown out with the mouth! This will distribute the good spirits.

Tip: With a Räucherfeder you can and simply distribute the resulting fragrance authentic style in the room!

Suitable holder for incense sticks are:

- Special incense holder and incense holder
- A flower pot with soil
- A bowl filled with sand

There are these holders in the form of bowls or figures from ceramics, wood, metal or soapstone
with a housing in which the rod can be easily inserted.