Thai cushion neck cushion pillow blossoms
Unique u-shaped neck cushions in many differnt colours. The Thai pillows in blossoms design are filled with the natural fibre kapok. Order cheap right here.
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Thai cushion neck cushion pillow blossoms

Neck squirrel with optimal support function

The U-shaped pillow cushion provides optimal support during sitting and lying down. It is used for prevention, in order not to "embarrass" during sleep. In addition, the neck sore is used to relieve the neck muscles during tension and headaches. The excellent support function by the Kapokfilling provides safety and comfort. With the natural Kapok filling of the Thai cushion, the user is simultaneously protected against drafts and sweating.

Handmade neck squirrel made of natural materials
Neck cuffs, crocheted pillows and neckrolls are mostly made of polyester and have a light pad made of styrofoam spheres, cell fibers or can be filled with air. Not so the decorative neck squirrel. It was sewn in Thailand from dyed cotton fabric and filled with the natural material Kapok. Both raw materials are free of pollutants. The high-quality Kapok filling of the Thai cushion is extremely light, breathing-active, moisture and heat-regulating. On a disruptive zipper or buttons on the Nackenkissen in U-form could be dispensed with the production. With the harmless neck squirrel you can relax without any reservations.

Which neck gauges provide a good support function?
The shape and filling of the neck squirrel ensure the optimal support function. The nape cushion should be soft yet still stable. The U-shape of the neck cushion should adapt to the neck and shoulders and ensure a secure fit. Many neck sores prove to be unsuitable in practice, because they do not provide a good support function. Air filling is too soft. The styrofoam filling usually yields. The Thai neck squirrel is filled with the natural fiber kapok and has proven itself in practice not only in Thailand for decades. The U-shaped Thai neck squirrel is popular worldwide because of its excellent supporting function.

Dimensions: about 28 x 25 cm (length x width)

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